Making Makan: Fun Pics, Not Recipes

He calls me “The Chronicler”

“Uh oh, Wee Lynn can’t cook or eat without chronicling everything anymore,” laments the MOTH (Man of the House).

I’m whipping out the point-and-shoot for a loving close-up of a messy mound of rempah on the kitchen bench.  Rempah is a mixture of spices and aromatics often used in Southeast Asian cooking.

Below: Making chilli crab.

As for my children, they’re pretty supportive.  Despite their oft-starved state at restaurants, they know not to dig in until after the photo session.  Obligingly, they will reposition distracting items like napkins…all the better to tuck in sooner, maybe.

Just for kicks.  Not for instruction.

These Making Makan posts are my just-for-fun galleries revealing key steps in making certain dishes.

Are you sometimes casually curious as to how a dish is made, but have no intention of making it at home?  Posts of the more complex dishes are for you!

Are you an epicure looking for recipes with ingredients lists and exact measurements?  These posts contain none of the above.  You might get a general idea, but will have to look elsewhere for specifics.

Below: Making cucumber kimchi.

If you just like looking at food pictures, these are for you too,  Maybe you’ll have a Well-I’ll-Be Moment.  Example: “Well, I’ll be.  I never knew kimchi could contain grated pear.”

There’ll be posts of ridiculously simple dishes too.  I’ve included these because they’re my personal favourites or fall-backs, or both.

Below: Making the perfect half-boiled egg.

Here’s one for the pedants.

“Makan” is the Malay verb for “eat”.  If one wanted to be pedantic (to the extent one can insist on correct grammar in a phrase that combines different languages), the correct title I should use is “Making Makanan“.  Because “makanan” is the Malay noun for “food”.

Having said that, some Singaporeans colloquially use “makan” as a noun, which is what I’ve done in the title.

Example: “Wah lau, you all still talking, ah?  Enough already lah, let’s go for some makan now.”

Translation: “My goodness gracious, are all of you still yakking away?  That’s enough, let’s go grab a bite now.”

Below: Making Thai red duck curry.


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