The flashiest way to say happy Chinese New Year

Live recording of able-bodied Chinese New Year lion dancers

So I was minding my own FITK business, moseying in Flemington shopping village for my upcoming Flemington Grazing Adventure.  It was the third day of the Chinese New Year.

Spring - Chinese New Year

What should I spy but a whole roasted suckling pig with the shiniest, crispest, brownest crackling, proudly displayed in the Asian grocery store where I was shopping.  Despite this shop being a treasure trove, whole roast pigs are NOT part of its standard inventory.

And then the tell-tale signs:

  • the boss is hunting for red string while clutching a bunch of lettuce; and
  • the boss sports a super-sharp hairdo.  Looks like she had it done especially for today.

There’s a whiff of Chinese lion dancing in the air… (See if you can spot the hairdo in this 3-minute video.)

What with so many shops to visit, those two lions were at it for over 2 hours.

Dancers took turns at being the lions and resting.  That’s perfectly acceptable: you’d have to have Lance Armstrong’s stamina and his <ahem> special cocktail to continuously make about 10kg of aluminium and PVC act like a playful kitten.

Prologue: Preparing for the Chinese Lion Dance

A shop-owner prepares the lettuce-cum-red-packet.  It’ll be hung from up high for the Chinese lions.

Chinese lion dance prep 4 Chinese lion dance prep 3

 Many team sports begin with a huddle:

Chinese lion dance prep 1

For a culinary and fiscal perspective on Chinese New Year celebrations, see Chinese New Year: The Food, the Wad and the Crumbly.

Chinese lion dancers - happy pic

The featured Chinese lion dance troupe is the Jin Wu Koon Dragon and Lion Dance Australia.  They have a website.

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