Feasting in the Know food safari scores a Sydney food review

“The best thing I have is the knife from Fatal Attraction.  I hung it in my kitchen.  It’s my way of saying, Don’t mess with me.” – Glenn Close

Japanese-food-Michelin-star-dining-kaiseki-16Knives make me feel professional and powerful at the same time.  Even if I’m not chopping anywhere as fast as Jamie Oliver:

It was gratifying to see Christina, who writes for Traveler’s Digest, depart Burwood armed with a cleaver, from a shop that has its own cleaver factory in Hong Kong.

She loves it so much that she doesn’t hesitate to unleash it even to slice a single green onion.

I love showing my guests a good time at my local Asian kitchenware shop where Christina met her cleaver, on a tailored tour with Feasting in the Know.  It is packed to the rafters with The Real Deal items.

Shopping for cleaversThe special treat today, my esteemed readers, is that you get to read a professional reviewer’s perspective of going on a food tour with FITK, instead of my usual marketing spiel.

Christina describes my tours better than I can!  Read all about it in Three Sydney Food Experiences – Traveler’s Digest.

Are you starting to plan your team-building event, Sydney holiday, or entertainment for your overseas visitors?

Perhaps you are cruising to Sydney and are looking for a shore excursion with a difference.

Start your research here!  No group is too small, but food events are most economical with groups of 4 or more.

2 thoughts on “Feasting in the Know food safari scores a Sydney food review

  1. Hearty congratulations, dear Wee Lynn. Watching your “hobby” expanding and improving by leaps and bound….rejoicing with you ….all the way !!!!

    Cheering you on,
    A. Ming. (Singapore.)

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