Korean Cooking Competition in Sydney – July, 2013

Thanks to the multi-talented, super-slashie pharmacist/cook/comedian Steve for writing about the K-food kimchi competition (see Steve’s blog post below, with vivid pictures). I could devour any of those dishes for breakfast…yes, even the doubly pungent sambal kimchi squid!

As befits a champion, the winner David Ralph has gone on to open his own Korean restaurant in Sydney (as if his plate wasn’t already full, being the owner and operator of chocolatier Kakawa).

Kudos to David for receiving – so early in the life of his Kim Restaurant – a hearty stamp of approval from knowledgeable food writer Terry Durack in the Sydney Morning Herald:

When Mr Durack says the “worst bit” is the lack of wet weather seating at the restaurant, you know the food is stunning.

For another perspective on the competition, and more inspiration on how to zing up your food with kimchi, have a look at Korean cooking contest: 1 kimchi recipe, 5 ways.

Steve's Korean

So after an appropriate gestation – yes, it’s been 9 months – here are the finalists.

This contest was open to non-Korean background Australians.

Sixteen cooks and would be cooks, chefs and would be chefs came together for a chance to chop, fry, bake and stir their way to the land that PSY (almost) forgot – Korea.

The contest revolved around the distinctive Korean ingredient Kimchi and featured a table laid out with some of the various versions of this pickled delight (and yes – you may have thought – like I once did – there was only a single type of Kimchi).

Alas, there are many – “Fresh”, “Aged”, “Ponytail” (which contains no cabbage whatsoever) – the list goes on – Korean cuisine really is endlessly surprising!

Belated congratulations to all the contestants – it was my first time in one of these reality TV cooking contests (Korean TV…

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