Campsie Adventure: Malaysian Noodle Banquet + Bakery Hop

True blue Malaysian hawker fare.  Know your noodles!

PLUS: A bonus peek at breads from three wildly different bakeries.

TASTE IT.  THEN MAKE IT.  Taste tantalising fare. Have FITK reveal cooking secrets.  Go shopping with FITK to source authentic ingredients.  Re-create that food in your own home!

PART 1.  A Shanghainese, a Lebanese and a Cantonese walk into a bakery.  They each get a lump of dough.  What happens next?

Find out when you come capering with me in Campsie.  Be astounded by the divergent forms bread can take, when manipulated by our three bakers.

PART 2.   Have a leisurely Malaysian lunch, where you’ll taste a range of authentically prepared hawker-style dishes, including various noodles that take you waaay beyond laksa.  These dishes frequently appear on To-Eat Lists enthusiastically compiled by overseas Malaysians planning a trip to Malaysia.

Be transported to Southeast Asia, as you:

  • savour various shapes, colours and textures of noodles, all possessing that holy grail of The Breath of the Wok (a smoky aroma only achievable with sufficiently high heat), and
  • are entertained with tales of life and culture in Southeast Asia.

Who should sign up?

This is a walking tour for:

  • people who suffer from Table Envy at Malaysian restaurants (they wish they’d ordered what the other table is having),
  • lovers of all types of bread and delights of the dough, and
  • crucially, carbohydrate-philiacs.

The businesses that we visit are all family-owned small businesses, serving authentic food prepared the traditional way.

Great inclusions!

  • A Seriously Good Malaysian Banquet.
    This is a multi-course, authentic lunch in a family-owned Malaysian eatery, with hawker-style noodles that can bring tears to a homesick Malaysian’s eyes.
  • Visits to three bakeries, with tastings.
  • An original recipe.
  • Cultural insights and stories.
  • Insider information on the numerous other foodie highlights in Campsie.

You will encounter food from at least 4 regions.  At some stops I will give you the owner’s inside story or a light-hearted dose of culture.

Guests savouring Malaysian noodlesCampsie is a paradise of diversity for foodies.  However, this Campsie Adventure will only scratch the surface of the abundant offerings here.  Explore Campsie with a local insider to be in the know as to where to find the best-tasting authentic food.

As we meander down the street, other foodie gems will be revealed.  Make like a Malaysian and create your own To-Eat List for your return to Campsie.

Pricing for your private event

Make a private booking to do a Campsie Adventure (11.00am-2.30pm) on your selected date with your selected companions.

The pricing is per booking (not per person) for up to 6 people, ie there is no minimum number required for a private group booking.  See details here.  And do read the other Terms and Conditions.

How to book – One simple step

Use the contact form on the Contact and bookings page.

I will then email you a confirmation with details on payment, where and when to meet, and suggested things to bring.

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