Korean Adventure

There’s much more to Korean cuisine and culture than Gangnam Style, soap operas and barbecued meats.

Sumptuous Korean banquet, shopping secrets, culture and more.

All part of the Korean Adventure at Strathfield.

Why Korean food is healthy despite the fixation on beef

Join a Korean Adventure to learn about traditional Korean cuisine and modern Korean practices.  Some are very sensible, some political, and some are fun and entertaining.

Encounter healthy ancient cuisine interspersed with quirky cult snacks.

Find out which marshmallowy confection has a special place in South Korean soldiers’ hearts, and why.

And remember that the sundae listed in a Korean menu is unlikely to be ice-cream.



Great inclusions!

  • A Seriously Good Korean Banquet.  A bountiful, wholesome multi-course lunch at an authentic Korean restaurant.  Learn the intricacies and etiquette of Korean dining.
  • A shopping trip…to the best Korean grocer in the inner west.  Learn about Secret Weapons in the Kitchen you can easily use to put more wow into your cooking.
  • Something small and sweet. 
  • An original recipe for a healthy and delicious Korean-inspired dish (including low-carb option).
  • Local secrets of numerous other foodie offerings in the gem that is Strathfield.

Pricing for your private event

Make a private booking to do a Korean Adventure (11.00am-2.15pm) on your selected date with your selected companions.

The pricing is per booking (not per person) for up to 6 people, ie there is no minimum number required for a private group booking.  See details here.  And do read the other Terms and Conditions.

How to book – One simple step

Use the contact form on the Contact and bookings page.

I will then email you a confirmation with details on payment, where and when to meet, how to get there, and suggested things to bring.

Any other questions?  Ring, text or email me anytime.

Kimchi – Korea’s national superfood. If Usain Bolt were Korean, he’d be advertising kimchi.