FITK in the press

“Say goodbye to food envy because with this tour you’ll always have the best dish of the table.”
– Mike Whitney from Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender goes on a Burwood Grazing Adventure.  Here’s a 5-minute video of the TV broadcast.


“Eat Street Sydney: Ten things to try in Burwood” – The Daily Telegraph 2017

“A family lineage of foodies has inspired Wee Lynn Teo to lead a delicious double life” – C!ao 2015

“Food safaris: Celebrity chefs, move aside” – Thalo 2014

“Come all ye hungry on Strathfield’s food safari” – Strathfield Scene 2013 Christmas edition

“The Strathfield Food Safari” – Strathfield Good Food Guide 2013/2014

“Food safaris take adventurous to Sydney’s tastiest corners” –  Sydney Morning Herald Oct 2013

“Festival’s Asian Flavour” – Inner West Courier 2013

“It’s fat-free, fun and a super noodle” – Strathfield Scene 2013

“Three Sydney food tour experiences” – Traveler’s Digest 2013

“Meet my suburb: Burwood” – Not Quite Nigella 2012


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