I offer private culinary events with cultural immersion such as:

1.  standard food tours;

2.  bespoke food tours;

3.  bespoke cooking classes; and

4.  Sydney Markets tours and breakfast….

…..all with a warm, personal and professional touch.

Cruising to Sydney and looking for a tailored Sydney shore excursion with a difference?  You’ve come to the right place.


Prices below are quoted on the basis of private events being held on a Friday or Saturday (excluding public holidays), subject to availability and with at least 2 weeks’ notice.

A 25% premium applies to bookings on Sundays or public holidays (subject to availability).

What are the options and prices?

OPTION 2:  BESPOKE FOOD TOURS (including school excursions)

Tell me your:
~ budget,
~ time constraints,
~ geographical requirements,
~ dietary requirements and
~ mobility restrictions,
and I will assemble a fully tailored, delicious package that suits your group.

Choose from the authentic culinary gems of Burwood, Strathfield, Flemington, Campsie and the Sydney CBD.

Hospitality and Food Technology school excursions for students are available for as little as $40 per student for 20 or more students.  For 10 to 19 students, the price will be $44 per student.  Up to 2 teachers go for free!  Included in the price:
~ a tummy-rubbingly satisfying lunch
~ riveting instruction on cuisine and culture
~ a quiz, to ensure students pay attention to the riveting instruction.  This is optional (teacher’s choice).


Has your appetite been whetted by the FITK blog posts?  Talk to me about a private cooking lesson on home cooking.

I’ll tailor a menu according to your interests, or choose from sample menus like:

~ The I-Feel-Like-Chicken-Tonight menu
~ The Iron(wo)man menu
~ The Psychedelic menu
~ Soup-and-Salad-Days menu
~ The I-Feel-Like-Vegan-Tonight menu…

…offering a selection of:

  • light and healthy Asian salads (not quite diet recipes, but definitely wholesome!);
  • hot chilli recipes;
  • quick and easy stir-fries;
  • rice recipes or noodle recipes; or
  • tantalising vegetarian recipes.

KL Hokkien mee 15My fig, goat's cheese, walnut and rocket saladDuck broth noodleskimchi and mince

A private cooking lesson for 1 person to 4 people starts from A$460 per booking (if more than 4 people, add $60 per additional person) gets you:
~ a cooking demonstration (feel free to chip in!)
~ ingredients
~ original recipes
~ a sit-down meal
~ intriguing drinks.


Are you a morning person?  Have a happy start to your weekend!  Book an early Saturday morning private tour of the Flemington Markets with FITK.

3 guys at Sydney MarketsAutumn fruit bowlItalian selling olives at Flemington market farmers markets produce

Come stroll with a 20-year veteran Flemington Fan Girl in the know.

Explore what’s in season at the Sydney Markets – the largest fruit and veg market in Australia, and a contender for the world title.

A private 1½-h guided market tour for 1 person to 4 people starts from A$360 per booking (if more than 4 people, add $80 per additional person).

Get tips on selecting the best seasonal produce and bargains.
You paid how much for that pumpkin??  Find out the the real cost of fresh food in this price barometer of fruit and veg.
Compare apples with apples.  Learn the difference between fuji, pink lady and gala apples when in season.  (Everyone in my family has a different favourite apple.)  Or, you might learn about Pink Mammoth versus African Pride custard apples, and why one is so much cheaper.

At your own expense are your purchases, food and drink.  Please arrange your own transport to the market.

One-minute videos on what’s unique about eating and shopping with Feasting in the Know