Grazing Adventures

Grazing Adventures are walking food tours of suburbs I know well, including Burwood, Strathfield, North Strathfield, Homebush, Flemington and Campsie.

What do you do on a Grazing Adventure?

You walk.  You stop.  You graze on a succession of delectable food and light meals.  You learn about a range of cuisines and cultures.  You get the insider’s local secrets of what’s best in that suburb.

Showing Secret Korean Weapons for the Kitchen

What you’ll discover

When you go on a Grazing Adventure, you will discover:
(a) my Secret Weapons for the Kitchen; and
(b) which eateries in the area serve The-Real-Deal Food, and each eatery’s specialties.  Because it’s impossible to cook every dish with equal finesse when one has 60 items on the menu.

Sydney is filled with many small family businesses serving quality, authentic food from the family’s place of origin.  These are what I want to showcase.  I’ll show you home-style cooking from some enterprising working families (to borrow a tired phrase from our politicians).

Navigating your way around an Asian supermarket.

At some stops I will give you the inside story on the owners or a light-hearted dose of culture on the cuisine we come across.  Therein lies the difference between you exploring an area on your own, and doing it with me, a local in the know.

What’s priceless about my Grazing Adventures? 

You get more tips on shopping, ordering and eating authentic food than you can throw at an attentive waiter in New York.


The pricing is per private booking (not per person) for up to 4 people, ie there is no minimum number required for a private group booking.  See details here.