Seriously Good Banquets

Are you tired of ordering laksa by default at the Malaysian place because you’re not familiar with the other dishes?  Do you covet the delectable dishes other people have on their tables and wish you knew how to order them?

What is a Seriously Good Banquet?

For a lunch with a difference, Feasting in the Know offers a guided-banquet-cum-cultural-immersion in Malaysian, Korean and Chinese cuisines.  I organise everything; you and your mates just turn up and enjoy….it’s that easy!

I will deliver an authentic banquet meal coupled with a cultural immersion experience that is kept light-hearted.  I will:

  • organise the booking at a restaurant serving genuinely authentic cuisine (life’s too short to eat chop suey);
  • order an ample amount of food for the group, including catering to all sorts of dietary restrictions; and
  • share entertaining cultural information during the meal, and insightful culinary information on what you’re eating.

Suburbs covered

Burwood, Strathfield, North Strathfield, Homebush, Flemington, Campsie, Chinatown (Sydney CBD).

What’s priceless about my Seriously Good Banquets? 

I’ll let my guests tell you:

  • “I loved getting a detailed insight into the culture as well as the food.” Aralyn Hanna, Como NSW
  • I’m lovin’…”the food I wouldn’t order myself, but [it was] excellent.”Paul Wilkin, Russell Lea NSW


The pricing is per private booking (not per person) for up to 4 people, ie there is no minimum number required for a private group booking.  See details here.