Terms and Conditions


1.  Unless FITK specifies otherwise, please:

  • make a booking for your private event at least 2 weeks before the event date (event dates are subject to availability); and
  • pay for all tickets at least 5 working days before your FITK event.

2.  FITK will provide bank account details for payment by direct credit.  All amounts are in Australian dollars.

3.  Bookings will be confirmed only after FITK has received payment.  All payments are non-refundable.

4.  A premium applies to private bookings on Sundays and public holidays.

5.  Take-home items may vary between tours.

6.  Please read this if you’ve read any detailed reviews of any FITK event, eg Not Quite Nigella’s blog post on the Burwood Grazing Adventure.  What you get and where you stop may not be identical to the reviewer’s experience.  Reasons include: (a) the reviewer’s tour may have been on a weekday, whilst your weekend FITK event may differ due to more time required to negotiate weekend crowds, (b) changes happen and some stops may have to be replaced or removed, and (c) FITK’s products are constantly refined as a result of customer feedback.

7.  When attending a FITK event, you’re responsible for checking what any offered food or drink contains, especially if you have an allergy or sensitivity.  You agree that anything you consume during a FITK event is done by your personal choice and at your own risk.

8.  You accept all risks arising in connection with attending a FITK event, such as but not limited to any illness, injury or death in connection with traffic accidents, mishaps, unfavourable weather or consumption of or exposure to food or beverages during the event.  You fully release and wlll hold harmless FITK, Wee Lynn Teo and the affiliated entities and employees of each of them, from all loss, liability, claim, damage, action, cost and expense arising in connection with your attendance of a FITK event, whether or not arising from any negligence on the part of FITK, Wee Lynn Teo or the affiliated entities and employees of each of them.