Why do a Sydney food tour with FITK?

Half-minute videos on what’s special about Feasting in the Know

Q: Do you suffer from Dish Envy when dining out?  (That’s when you want what that other table has.  But you didn’t order it because you didn’t know about it.)

Q: Are you cruising to Sydney and looking for a tailored Sydney shore excursion with a difference?


Q: Are you visiting Sydney and want a food sherpa for this diverse Emerald City?  Are you tired of paying inflated prices for fish and chips at tourist traps?  Sydney has a colossal range of ethnicities and cuisines – join me for an insider’s look at what’s yummy and authentic.

Q: Do you like cooking and eating Asian food, and want to expand your repertoire beyond the same old dishes?

Q: Do you like wandering through Asian supermarkets but wish someone would explain how to use those intriguing food items?

Q: Are you saddled with organising that social function for work?  Are you after that novel yet easygoing and delicious activity with minimal effort and organisation on your part?

Then….come Feasting in the Know with the Teo (that’s me).

Five good reasons to go on a foodie excursion with FITK

1.  To extract local secrets of eating and shopping from someone in the know.

2.  For a personable guide whose friendly, relaxed yet professional manner will put everyone at ease.  Corporate groups are my forte.  I’m also familiar with teachers, not-for-profit organisations and the general public.  The people person – that’s me!

3.  To get the genuine article in the food you taste and the shops you visit.  Every single business that we visit has been hand-picked by me, because it offers quality and authenticity.  I am completely independent.  Businesses do not pay me to visit them, eat their food, or make you buy their products.

4.  To learn something new and fascinating about a range of Asian cultures, all delivered with a light touch.

5.  To have a memorable, hassle-free event, hosted by an entertaining guide with an inimitable style.  Let the control freak in me meticulously organise your event.  You just have to show up.